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Improve your results with personal training.  You will reach your goals quickly and safely!  Regular one-on-one training is designed to get you to your goals, and teach you professional technique and use of the equipment.  Additional benefits include:


  • Learn the basics 
    Know your way around the gym, basic terminology, seat positioning, and the fundamentals of property form, with guidance from a personal trainer.  These are necessities when starting or continuing a fitness program.  Even your top level athletes must continue to use the basics of exercise...we'll teach them to you!
  • Understand your body 
    CCHC personal trainers will help you understand why things occur throughout a workout and during your fitness journey.  Our bodies are amazing as they adapt and change to their environment.  By working with our trainers, we'll help you adapt to a more lean, fitter body.  From body positioning, to different techniques, to gaining more control of your body through lean muscle development, you'll be experiencing great results in no time.
  • A fitness program developed for your specific needs 
    Everyone is different, so our trainers will treat you like the unique individual you are when it comes to developing your workout plan.  From sets to repetitions, you'll receive a custom tailored routine based on your fitness history, any current limitations (if any), and your life's schedule.  We will work together to find a routine that will fit into your busy life.

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1280 North Montana Avenue
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